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What is krdts?

Pronounced “credits”, the primary objective of the social network is to quantify people’s good deeds by giving them a tangible value and facilitating the user and his network to acknowledge each other by the exchange of “krdts”.

What is a “krdt”

A krdt is the unit of goodness that’s generated when a kind act is performed.

How does it all work?

Every user who signs up with a krdts social networking account is given a default amount of 100 krdts, to recognize their acts till the day they joined. The “krdts” or “krdt score” is the quantified score of your your good deeds. In practice, the higher the score – the “nicer” you are. Users can exchange krdts amongst each other for every act of kindness exchanged.

For example, Dave helped Jessica with her homework, or Raj helped Ming with moving – Jessica and Ming can acknowledge their help by giving them some krdts. This exchange will feature on the “krdts-feed” as a story feed on the application and on Facebook and the change in scores will reflect and increase in the krdt-worthiness of the person, or simply – how much “good” they do.

What sort of things can I send krdts for?

This really is up to the sender, you can pretty much send krdts for anything. Some popular scenarios may include helping someone move, cooking them a meal, setting them up for a date, looking after their belongings, buying them a gift, etc. If someone does something for you that you and it made you feel “good”, you can share that interaction with others by sending them krdts.

How many krdts should I send?

The amount of krdts you send really depends on how epic the deed was for you. It would also depend on how many krdts you have. Generally, transactions are recommended in the 1-10 krdts range.

Why should you send krdts then?

Acknowledging your friends, family, colleagues or even strangers for their good deeds is the entire philosophy krdts is based upon. A good balance of receiving and sending krdts underlines your contribution to the people around you.

So where can I find krdts?

Currently, krdts is only available on smart phones. In order to create an account, you need the application. You can find krdts on the app store and and play store for iOS and Android devices. Support for other devices is limited and is in the works.

Why should you use krdts

As part of the human community and a member of society, we all have a certain responsibilities towards each other. This responsibility is the basis of humanity and unites us as a species. Helping each other is the most effective way to acknowledge these responsibilities. krdts is a social network that will change the way we do “good”. Its premise is simple – to recognize kind acts, share them with the world and create a ripple of kindness. We aim to give a value to the phrase “Thank you” and help others recognize how selfless and giving an individual is. We want to give a personality dimension to the currently inanimate online avatar by empowering it with the most primitive and palpable act of nobility – kindness.