What’s new with krdts?

Hello everyone!

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and sharing our vision. As you know, our apps are up and functional on the Apple and Google stores! We’ve seen a significant download rate over the month and hope more users are on the network soon. We urge you to give krdts to your friends and families as a way of thanking them for their small acts of kindness. As our first few users, I believe that you’re part of our team. By bringing more users to our network, you would empower more people to give krdts away and spread more positivity in the world.

We’re currently working with our tech team on updating our apps for both versions and developing new features that will make your experience with krdts much more smoother. Here at krdts, we put our users first, and through a lot of feedback and interaction with our users, we promise to make your experience even better!

Thanksgiving is almost at the horizon and it’s a great way to appreciate all the things your friends and family have done over the years. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays!

Rohan Maheshwari
krdts, Inc. 

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